The Elite Relative Value Strategy

"The determining trait of the enterprising (or active, or aggressive) investor is his willingness to devote time and care to the selection of securities that are both sound and more attractive than the average."

Benjamin Graham - The Intelligent Investor

Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. There is no guarantee that any strategy will be profitable. Please click here for further disclosures.

Meet the Investment Committee


Daniel Dower

Chief Portfolio Manager

A successful real estate investor, Daniel created the ERVS and manages its proprietary valuation methodology.


Vernon Bell

Associate Portfolio Manager

A dedicated fiduciary and president of TEA, Vern recognized the unique value proposition offered by the ERVS.

Understand Our Process


First, we seek to identify healthy, stable companies with long term dividend history and resilient cashflows.


From the universe of candidates, the CPM selects a basket of top choices to monitor.


Throughout the year, the committee monitors and updates the list of top choices.


Once a candidate arrives at the appropriate acquisition price, the CPM makes the final determination on whether or not to buy.


Having purchased a stock, we hold the position and wait for the market to reprice the stock. We are price timers. If a stock is too low, we are likely to buy. If a stock is too high, we are likely to sell.

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