Concierge Advisory Services

by Texas Elite Advisory

The modern world has opened up unlimited possibilities, but with those possibilities come great risks. You need a trusted advisor to represent your interests and advocate on your behalf.

Our Concierge Advisory Services division was founded with a singular mission: to provide the highest quality fiduciary advisory services to those with sophisticated advisory needs.

There are no models, no templates, no cookie cutter solutions. Every client is unique.

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Your best interests always come first

Have you ever wondered whether your financial advisor truly represents your best interests?...Well, you are not wrong to ask the question.

The reality is that most investment advisors have serious conflicts of interest that distort the advice they give to their clients. That statement will not garner me many friends within the advisory community, but it is the truth.

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We are a different kind of advisory service

Our service model is different because our clients are different. We are true fee-only fiduciary advisors, which means that our only source of compensation is our clients. We do not charge commissions, and we do not receive compensation from third-parties.

We specialize in providing the following bespoke advisory services to high-net-worth investors and business owners:
Estate Strategy
It all comes down to control. Who is given control over what under which terms. We help you evaluate your options and provide a level of objectivity that other parties with vested interests cannot provide.
Risk Analysis
What risk can you attribute to the various elements of your balance sheet? Do you have a firm grasp of the variability of your future cashflows? We will analyze your current portfolio and your overall financial position.
Investment Management
We will manage your portfolio of publicly-traded investments within constraints we have mutually agreed upon, and we will oversee any 3rd-party managers.
If you have outgrown the traditional advisory relationship, if you are tired of dealing with asset gatherers and product salesman, then contact our Concierge Advisory Services team to learn more about how we can serve you.